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Welcome to my permanent sales post!
This post will be updated on a semi regular basis for the next two months.
I am willing to haggle on all prices, except where mentioned otherwise.
Commitment takes precedence over quotes. If you want something, make sure to let me know you are committed.
Prices are in USD and do not include shipping.
I accept payment through Paypal only.
Items from my sales post can be combined with pick-up items.

Pokemon Plush

I Love Eevee - Jolteon Mascot Plush

Banpresto Sitting Eevee Plush

2013 Large Eevee Banpresto Plush

2013 Large Sylveon Banpresto Plush

Furfrou MPC

Pokemon Figures

Sylveon Screen Cleaner Figure

Eevee Ippai Glaceon

Eevee Atsumete Leafeon

Chupa Glaceon Figure

Leafeon Face Charm

Heroine Collection Charm - Nita

Heroine Collection Charm - Morgan (Diecut)

Sleeping Pikachu

Dragonair Metal Coins
(Gold x 1, Silver x 2, Copper x 2)

$2 each / $7 for everything

Pokemon Cafe Secret Badge

Pikachu Kuji Figure
(3 available)


Pokemon Cups, Mugs, and Candy Tins

Pikachu Kuji Cup MIP

Oddish Pokemon Time Candy Tin

Tokyo Bay Opening Tumbler (kuji item)

Pokemon Towels and Handkerchiefs

Ichiban Kuji - Eeveelutions Handkerchief

Mini Eeveelution Handkerchief
(MIP - Eevee, Jolteon, Glaceon, Flareon, Leafeon)

Pokemon Clearfiles

Currently no items

2013 1:1 Eevee Plush
$40 Sold

American Umbreon Pokedoll (tag has residue from price sticker)
$8 Sold

Illustration Clearfiles (Gen 4/5)
$5 each Sold

Mini Gen 5 Starter Clearfile
$3 Sold

I Love Eevee - Umbreon Mascot Plush
$20 Sold

Talky Fennekin Plush
$20 Sold

Hilbert/Hilda Charms
$7 each Sold

Eevee Ippai Espeon
$5 Sold

Eevee Atsumete Espeon
$5 Sold
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